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Vision statement & Mission

Vision Statement

The Obed Mlaba Foundation Trust’s Vision – is that of a society where teaching and learning is open to all and is responsive to the needs of society and under-pinned by skills development and a holistic approach to developing our children into responsible mature adults with a strong sense of belonging, patriotism and serving the nation.

Mission Statement

The Obed Mlaba Foundation Trust’s Mission – is to:
  1. identify and fund education and training institutions that were previously established, managed and administered by Church Missionaries serving historically disadvantaged communities;
  2. raise funds and be a conduit for continued resourcing of missionary schools in South Africa to ensure that youth from poor backgrounds in South Africa have the opportunity to build healthy, productive and inspiring lives with a sound spiritual foundation.

Mission Statement...cont

  1. Enhance cultural awareness and heritage
  2. provide and promote a multidisciplinary approach to childhood development, education and training that responds to the needs of our country.
  3. contribute towards the building of a nation that is proud of its rich culture and heritage as reflected in our history as a people, our national symbols, our flag and our anthem that symbolize our shared values and the principle of unity in diversity.
  4. build learning institutions that offer effective educational solutions to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of education and training and life-long learning.