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Vision statement & Mission

Obed Mlaba Foundationís Objectives

The Foundationís main objective is to raise funding to provide institutions that offer world class education and individuals from an early age up to senior level affording them an opportunity to build healthy, skilled, productive, inspiring and self-driven individuals and communities.

How Will This Be Achieved

The Foundation shall achieve the above through:
  1. Partnering with :
    1. rural communities through building capacity for community development initiatives that are driven by local communities,
    2. the private sector as part of their social investment commitments and building self-sustaining communities,
    3. the public sector, i.e. local government, in alignment with their integrated development programmes (IDPs) and assisting them to meet their constitutional mandates and service delivery ;
  2. constructing bright, safe and secure, learner-friendly classrooms so all children have a better opportunity to pursue quality education in an environment conducive to teaching and learning.
  3. strengthening, expanding and improving educational facilities, and resourcing training in method and approaches that would enable individual learners to realize more fully their intellectual, civic and spiritual potential.
  4. enabling communities to initiate efforts to improve their collective lives, respond to threats to quality of life through relevant community development programmes.
  5. encouraging high quality early childhood care and education programs that improve childrenís chances for success in later life. Investing in early interventions timed to take advantage of crucial phases of brain development is necessary for all children.
  6. networking and working in partnership with other Foundations with similar goals and interested parties locally and internationally in the furthering of the objectives of the Foundation.

Whom The Obed Mlaba Foundation seeks to serve

  1. The Beneficiaries shall be members of the public, community members, involved in initiating and promoting development, self-help and job creation projects within such communities, The Foundation targets individuals (including learners and teachers), Foundations and the community at large.

  2. The Foundation seeks to achieve its mission by serving initiatives and developmental programmes that result in:
    1. increasing academic achievement and affordable educational options for youth
    2. improving the quality of life through education and skills development in the South Africa
    3. ensuring the role of spiritual guidance as a cornerstone of a modern developing society
    4. providing access to and training for employment and careers for young adults within the provisions of the National Skills Development Strategy in South Africa
    5. contributing towards achieving the goals of the National Development Plan (NDP)
    6. developing skills that respond to the demands of the continental infrastructure development programmes for African renewal
    7. investing in our future as a country through prioritizing Early Childhood Development and youth programmes Ė children and youth are our future.